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Kgf 2 Day 15 box office Collection Here is all Details

The Moose KGF Chapter is now in its 3rd week, and as of the 15th day, the cinema is still carrying up reasonably well… The movie already has turned a profit and is on track to break even.

We will provide you with a 15-day report on the box office performance of the KGF Chapter 2 Movie. We’ll give you a 15-day ticket sales collection summary, complete with day-by-day data and the spending plan for KGF Chapter 2’s film.

Let us tell you that KGF Chapter 2 Movie is powerful and very Hungama Full Movie that folks are very keen on seeing as it is one of the many cinemas of really great entertainment 2022, in which the overall ticket sales collection of the new film is powerful, tell us to see the general box office of 682 1000000000.

On the other hand, looking at KGF Chapter 2’s global box office collection, we can see how it has exceeded Rs 900 crore within only 14 days, informing that 15 of the movie production. The day’s box office collection is based on estimates; however, the official report of the KGF Chapter 2 Movie’s 15-day box office collection has still not been published; even so, you would see an actual document comparable to this very soon.
KGF Chapter 2 15 day Collections is listed below:
Day 1: 19.09Cr
Day 2: 13.27Cr
Day 3: 10.30Cr
Day 4: 10.81Cr
Day 5: 5.10Cr
Day 6: 3.55C
Day 7: 2.37Cr
Day 8: 1.50Cr
Day 9: 1.67Cr
Day 10: 2.45Cr
Day 11: 3.16Cr
Day 12: 1.20Cr
Day 13: 96L
Day 14: 76L
Day 15: 56L

The 15-day box office collection for KGF Chapter 2 is expected to be $10 million. Where the film could gross $100,000,000, the ticket sales, 14 Days of the movie’s extremely tough collection is 11.9 crores, as seen everywhere. The film received Rs. 2.15 crores in Malayalam and Rs. 6 points 25 crores in Indian languages at the box office. Apart from that, if watched in Malayalam.

The film grossed 0 points 7 crores in Tamil and 1 point 85 crores in Telugu, for a total of 0 points 95 crores. As a consequence, the 14-day review is now available here.

Apart from that, it can be seen that nearly 15 days have passed since the film’s release so because the movie was released in Indian movie theaters on 14th April 2022, with the film’s box office collection on the first day of the week totaling 23.75 crores. The movie’s first day starts with a group of 116 crores from India, with the most incredible film released of 22.50 crores in Kannada and 26 crores in Telugu.

The film has accomplished the most in Indian languages, so it can be seen that the movie’s language is the Kannada language. Still, the gathering of the film is primarily accessible for you to know that cinema has done more in the Hindi language.



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